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Heritage Interpretation – Concept, Design and Implementation


2014 National Trust Highly Commended Award - Heritage Interpretation

2014 National Trust Heritage Awards – Highly Commended, Education and Interpretation. “Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic area (KAVHA) Interpretive Signs and Book”

Hyperion Design provides specialist heritage interpretation services across digital and traditional platforms. We can help you identify your audience (both existing and potential), recommend interpretation solutions, and develop content. We can even provide a full implementation service as well!

Heritage interpretation specialists, connect audiences to natural, cultural, and historical resources including sites, items, buildings or stories. These sites can be located anywhere that people can be engaged to learn about place, culture or people.

Interpretation can enhance public spaces and public domain environments, inform the design process of a project, create engaging and interactive experiences for visitors, as well as provide a varied and diverse platform for education. Hyperion Design can produce captivating, immersive interpretive experiences that will engage people in immaginative and meaningful ways.

Hyperion Design’s award winning heritege interpretation specialists seek creative solutions, tell stories in captivating ways, and can create unique visitor experiences that will complement any project, building, site or item.

1st or 2nd Century Roman Egyptian Blue Glass Bracelet - Digitised for Heritage Interpretation

Our Heritage Interpretation Services


  • Interpretation plans and strategies
  • Content development
  • Professional photography
  • Graphic design (including signage design and specification)
  • Digital media development (websites, QR codes, Apps)
  • Place Making & Cultural Tourism
  • Community consultation and engagement
  • Heritage Training, Inductions, Workshops and Educational Kits
  • Exhibitions, Digital Media and Public Art


We also work closely with a range of professional partners to provide a full-service heritage interpretation experience for our clients, they include:

  • Signage manufacturers
  • Indigenous artists and story-tellers
  • Planners
  • Landscape Architects
  • Heritage Architects


For more information on interpretation, visit Interpretation Australia’s website.

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